Durable Medical Equipment

At Alabama Pain Physicians, we offer Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to our patients as an option for pain relief. DME is medical equipment that helps individuals complete day-to-day tasks that they may be struggling with. If you are interested to learn more about Durable Medical Equipment, please fill out our DME form below and a representative will be in touch soon.

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DME Products We Offer:
  • Back Braces for lumbar back pain
  • SIJ Braces for hip and sacroiliac joint paint
  • Knee Braces for knee pain, osteoarthritis, and knee injuries
  • Wrist Braces for carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain
  • TENS Units can be used for muscle pain or spasms, arthritic joints, and damaged nerves. Areas where TENS Units can be used include the back, wrist, hip, knee, and more.
Does Insurance Cover DME?

Insurance will be billed for the costs of DME and the patient will be responsible for any copays after insurance has paid.

All DME has a 1-year warranty and can be returned/replaced within that one year.