At Alabama Pain Physicians, our patients are our number one priority! We love to hear feedback and experiences from our patients and we wanted to share some of those testimonials. Take a look at testimonials from a few of our patients to hear about their experiences at our practice.

“Excellent medical pain clinic. For anyone who experiences chronic pain, you know that your pain physician is an extremely important person in your life. At Alabama Pain Physicians, I’ve found excellent doctors and nurse practitioners. Overall I’ve seen great treatment of patients. I’ve been treated respectfully, with intelligence, kindness, and often a little bit of humor, as laughing at the pain doctor’s office sure feels nice. The office is very efficient from the moment you check in for procedures, or monthly medication visits. I believe you, like me, will find this medical pain practice far exceeds many others in this area. I am grateful to Alabama Pain Physicians for all the help they’ve given me.”

–M. C. from Birmingham, AL

“You all are so polite and courteous when you check me in. The staff listens and address your concerns. They definitely try to help you in any way they can!”

– A. J. from Birmingham, AL

“My experiences with Alabama Pain Physicians are always great! They listen to me and do all they can to help me in a timely manner. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Best decision I ever made coming to this group!”

– T. W. from Birmingham, AL

“My initial visit with the doctor was wonderful. I am confident in this clinic and their team. I am so grateful for this group of doctors. Their personalities are pleasant and they are devoted to making their patients feel important.”

– L. T. from Hoover, AL

“While this office maintains its professionalism, the people genuinely care about their patients. I have been their patient over 4 years and have received the best care I could ask for.”

– H. M. from Birmingham, AL

“This is a great place to come and see my pain doctor. I would tell all my friends about this place.”

– R. M. from Mountain Brook, AL

“These doctors continue to do whatever it takes to reduce and/or eliminate my pain. I have seen people’s lives changed first hand. You guys are absolutely the best.”

– D. B. from Helena, AL

“Alabama Pain Physicians is a one stop clinic where you can have all you need managed by professional doctors skilled in pain management. Here they come up with a plan, review, and update where necessary.”

– R. P. from Birmingham, AL

“Over all the entire staff was professional and polite. My doctor was very thorough and compassionate. It was a great experience.”

– M. H. from Vestavia Hills, AL

“The whole staff from front desk to doctors are professional, courteous and concerned about your well being. Without their help I would still be unable to get up or down without severe pain.”

– S. L. from Homewood, AL

“They’ve spent time with me, listened to me, and are helping me.  Every staff member I have met has been very friendly to me, I highly recommend this practice.”

– G. W. from Bessemer, AL

“I have been coming to this clinic for about 4 years and they have turned into family while always treating me with respect. You can tell they do their absolute best to manage and relieve their patient’s pain to the furthest extent. If you are in search of an honest and caring pain clinic that is focused on you and your health, I would highly recommend giving them a call.”

– S. S. from Pelham, AL

“I have been coming to Alabama Pain Physicians for almost 2 years. They have and continue to do everything possible to help manage my pain. They are truly committed to their patient’s health and overall happiness.”

– D. W. from Vestavia Hills, AL

“The doctors and staff here are always friendly and courteous. They take the time to assist each patient with their individual concerns and needs. Alabama Pain Physicians strives to provide you with various treatment options for whatever pains you may be having. I would recommend for anyone that may be going through any type of ongoing pain to give them a try.”

– S. S. from Jasper, AL

“The care and understanding I received was more than I have received at any other medical practice. Everything was explained well, and I found options for pain relief that I didn’t expect to find. If you have chronic pain, I recommend them wholeheartedly!”

– D. B. from Mountain Brook, AL

“Alabama Pain Physicians staff is wonderful. Everyone is friendly and professional. The facilities are spacious, clean, and easily accessed.”

– D. S. from Fairfield, AL

“I’ve been very pleased with every visit I have had to this facility. They have treated me as an individual instead of just another patient. Each employee or physician I have come in contact with has been personable and professional.”

– W. T. from Chelsea, AL

“I am always impressed with the doctors at Alabama Pain Physicians. They are so willing to listen to your health problems and help you find a solution.”

– D. K. from Alabaster, AL

“I really appreciate all of the folks at Alabama Pain Physicians. They respect the fact that you are there because you are in pain, and they do everything to try to alleviate it as much as possible. In short, if you need a pain clinic, you can’t do much better than Alabama Pain Physicians.”

– R. O. from Birmingham, AL

“I have tried other doctors and no one compares to Alabama Pain Physicians. I am finally at a place where my pain is regulated. It is a wonderful feeling, thank you to your staff.”

– A. R. from McCalla, AL

“I have been coming to Alabama Pain Physicians for about a year now and have been overwhelmed at the hospitality and professionalism they have provided. They are very well educated and compassionate to their patients. I would recommend Alabama Pain Physicians to anyone in need of a great pain management clinic. It is hard to find people that truly care about you, but there is no question every time I walk in their doors. I am blessed to have found this amazing team!”

– S. F. from Birmingham, AL

“I have been coming here for several years and have never had any problem with any part of my experience here. If you have to go to pain management, this is the place to go.”

– W. F. from Homewood, AL

“The staff at Alabama Pain Physicians are very warm and caring. They are always smiling, cheerful, and helpful. They are sincerely concerned with the health and wellness of their patients. I have been a patient here for over a year and I feel very comfortable when I go for my monthly visit. These are great people doing their best to help their patients, can’t ask for more than that!”

– G. T. from Birmingham, AL

“My experience with Alabama Pain Physicians has been great. The staff is always very professional and friendly. Thank you to everyone for your professional and assistance.”

– J. G. from Birmingham, AL

“Alabama Pain Physicians has helped my wife and I reduce most of our pain. I just want to say thank you to this business and all of their staff.”

– S. C. from Birmingham, AL

“Coming here I learned that there were physicians who understood pain and who actually knew how to offer relief. I spell relief with Alabama Pain Physicians!”

– J. R. from Birmingham, AL

“I am so glad I found Alabama Pain Physicians. They are friendly, caring, and thorough. I would recommend them to my family and friends. I can’t give them enough praise.”

– N. P. from Birmingham, AL

“My experience at Alabama Pain Physicians has changed my life. Their staff treats me with the best care. It feels good to come in and always see a smiling face. Their goal is to make you feel better and my life is truly different from the day I walked in. I would recommend these doctors and the whole staff to everyone.”

– R. T. from Vestavia, AL

“I have been coming to Alabama Pain Physicians for over 4 year. I have seen almost all of the doctors here and they are all extremely professional. They are genuine and honest when it comes to their recommendations in regards to managing my pain. For someone that has lived in pain for years, to me, this is life changing. I have never come across a friendlier group of staff members. At the end of the day, I feel important here. It’s comforting knowing that you have people that have your best interest are are truly focused on making me a better me.”

– D. C. from Birmingham, AL

“These doctors continue to do whatever it takes to reduce and/or eliminate my pain. I have seen people’s lives changed first hand. You guys are absolutely the best.”

– D. B. from Meadowbrook, AL

“I have been coming to Alabama Pain Physicians for over 4 years. From evaluations to procedures, and agreed upon medical treatments, I have been much more than satisfied with each and every recommendation. I could not be any happier. They are and have been the best. They have even been so accommodating that they schedule both my husband and I on the same schedule so we spend as little time as necessary and as few trips as necessary to make it easier on both of us. I can’t sing their praises long or loud enough. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”

– C. C. from Indian Springs Village, AL

“I am always treated with smiles and concerns. I love my doctors and their staff.”

– A. P. from Birmingham, AL

“We fell in love with this practice. They take their time to hear all you have to say and they work around your schedule to help you take your life back from the pain. They genuinely care and they actually establish trust with their patients. We love, love, love this practice!”

– H. R. from Birmingham, AL

“Ms. Vanessa, CRNP is so sweet and awesome. Dr. Dodd is also very sweet and these two young women are wonderful after I have been struggling for 3 months. I had a procedure and I would recommend Dr. Dodd and her team. They are compassionate and will take great care of you. They walked me through the procedure and did the best job. The staff knows you like family, even the women that work upfront at the windows. I can’t thank the staff enough for helping me.”

–J. B. from Birmingham, AL

“My visits are always great at Alabama Pain Physicians. The staff is always nice and takes their time to listen to my pain issues. They take the time to talk to me about ways to improve my health and overall outlook on life. I have arthritis really bad and they are doing everything they can to help me.”

– S. H. from Birmingham, AL

“Everyone was so nice to me as they are always. I had a good visit with my doctors and their amazing associates, thank you all so much!”

– E. R. from Birmingham, AL

“My visit was good and the staff was extremely friendly. They are always professional and when they are speaking with you, they take the time to hear what you have to say. Whatever is needed, they’ve got you covered. I’ve been with them forever it seems, and I am pleased with this practice. Thank you Alabama Pain Physicians for all you do.”

– D. L. from Birmingham, AL

“Everyone I came in contact with were very nice, understanding, and helpful. The clinic was nice and my doctor was excellent. He is caring and understanding and took his time with me.”

– L. S. from Birmingham, AL

“All the staff was very professional and cared about their patients. I enjoyed speaking with the doctor and respect her plan to help my pain issues.”

– T. A. from Birmingham, AL

“The staff and doctors are both knowledgable and helpful with pain management. They treat me with respect and address all of my needs.”

– B. G. from Birmingham, AL

“As a new patient, the doctor really seemed to want to fix the problem and I appreciate that.”

– C. M. from Birmingham, AL

“Kind, considerate, and knowledgeable is what I describe all that I was in contact with today during my scheduled procedure. Alabama Pain Physicians has helped me tremendously.”

– D. D. from Birmingham, AL

“Nice facility with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are willing to take time to listen to your concerns.”

– H. G. from Birmingham, AL

“I have been a patient of Alabama Pain Physicians for several years. They meet all of my pain management needs and I will continue to attend their facility indefinitely.”

– D. M. from Birmingham, AL

The staff is always so friendly and answer all of my questions. I would recommend to anyone who needs help with their pain issues to come to Alabama Pain Physicians. ”

– N. G. from Birmingham, AL

Superb professionalism, efficient, and courteous. Dr. Irons and his staff actually listen and provide a holistic approach to providing pain relief.”

– K. B. from Birmingham, AL

They were very nice and easy to speak with. I would recommend Alabama Pain Physicians to everyone who has leg pain.”

– D. K. from Birmingham, AL

My experience with Alabama Pain Physicians was an overall pleasant visit. I felt that all of my concerns were addressed and greeted with sincerity.”

– K. R. from Birmingham, AL

“My first visit was today, just moved here and have had to work with a lot of different medical practices over the past several years. Everyone at Alabama Pain Physicians was excellent. They provided reminders of my appointment, made sure I was prepared, were very punctual, and met with my doctor on the first appointment. We started on a plan, as well as educated me about options and procedures I had not known of prior. I am very grateful to the doctors, physician assistants, and nurses that I have met with. I look forward to their further assistance with my condition. Looking forward to my next visit and their further guidance. I very much recommend Alabama Pain Physicians.”

– S. B. from Birmingham, AL

“I was treated royally when I went in their workplace! They were courteous the entire time and my doctor did a great job. My arm is not hurting for the first time in a month! They were professional and kind to me at every step.”

– A. E. from Birmingham, AL

“These are a great group of people. The doctors are all very nice and helpful, as is the staff. I would recommend this place to anyone seeking pain relief.”

– M. P. from Birmingham, AL

“Everyone was very nice and answered all my questions. I would love to say thank you so much!”

– D. K. from Birmingham, AL

“I have been a patient for a couple years now and they are very nice and helpful. They also do all types of procedures in office.”

– M. S. from Birmingham, AL

“I changed from another pain management doctor to Dr. Eason. I wish I had done it a long time ago! The staff was very welcoming and worked with me in getting my paperwork done. I definitely recommend Dr. Eason and her staff.”

– B. J. from Birmingham, AL

“Everyone here is so kind to me. My nurse practitioner always takes her time with me and listens to my concerns. I appreciate all that they have done for me in helping relieve my pain.”

– S. H. from Birmingham, AL

“It was a great Monday at Alabama Pain Physicians. Friendly staff and very nice nurses and doctors.”

– B. S. from Birmingham, AL

“I have been a patient of Alabama Pain Physicians for several years. They meet all of my pain management needs and I will continue to attend their facility indefinitely.”

– D. M. from Birmingham, AL

“Your team has enabled me to remain active in all aspects of my life in and out of my home.”

– G. S. from Birmingham, AL