At Alabama Pain Physicians our goal is to better the quality of life of our patients. We utilize cutting-edge technology and advanced procedures to establish an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to ultimately minimize pain and increase function. We have created our own YouTube channel containing videos from our physicians discussing pain issues and management to testimonials from our patients.

We strive to provide compassionate, comprehensive care for patients with painful conditions. We believe every patient deserves an accurate diagnosis. To accomplish this, we use cutting-edge technology combined with one on one time with our physicians to develop and implement a specialized care plan for each patient.

Watch the videos below to understand more about what Alabama Pain Physicians strives to achieve and check out all of our videos on our YouTube channel to learn more about our practice!

David Lee has been a provider at Alabama Pain Physicians for over 4 years this August. Tune in to hear about his favorite patient success story!

Choosing the right pain doctor can be difficult. There are a lot of decisions that go into picking the right healthcare provider. Watch the below video to learn why Alabama Pain Physicians could be the pain clinic for you.

Do you need a referral to schedule an appointment with our practice? What will your first visit be like? Watch our Frequently Asked Questions video to learn the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Pain management is a specialty brand of medicine that aims to improve the quality of life and ease the suffering of patients living with pain. A good pain clinic will take an interdisciplinary approach to diagnose and treat the underlying cause. This video will walk you through what you can expect from having Alabama Pain Physicians as your comprehensive pain management clinic.

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