Nerve Blocks

Also known as Medial Branch Blocks, these procedures are for diagnostic purposes only. They are not meant to last for more than a few hours. The purpose for these injections is to help the doctor identify exactly which nerve or nerves are causing the pain. When using this procedure, it will allow a provider to narrow down the options for which body pain treatment should be used on the patient.

A series of nerve blocks is usually done before we move on to radiofrequency treatments to assure that the correct nerve has been pinpointed.

Nerve blocks will not “cure” a patient’s pain for more than a day. However, if the diagnostic nerve blocks are successful then radiofrequency treatments typically provide long-term pain relief, lasting anywhere from 10-18 months.

The first hour following the procedure is the most critical for evaluating the results of the procedure.

We will be looking for the following:

  • Did you get pain relief on the side and area where the procedure was done?
  • How much pain relief? (50%, 80%, 100% etc- in the area and side that was injected.)
  • When did the pain relief wear off (hours, days, etc.)?

The medication used in the injection generally lasts only a few hours. If you take a pain medication on a regular basis, you may take your regular pain medication after you have evaluated your response to the procedure.

If you experience any symptoms of concern or unusual reactions, such as:

• Fever • Swelling • Redness • Drainage • Skin discoloration

call the office to schedule an appointment. If the concern is an emergency, please immediately go to the nearest Emergency Room.