Provocative Discography

Provocative discography is an imaging-guided procedure that is used for diagnostic purposes on individuals whose painful symptoms cannot be explained by any other imaging modalities. A provocative discography is helpful to determine the cause and location of a patient’s back pain. It is still the only imaging technique that provides both anatomical and functional information about a diseased disc.

How Alabama Pain Physicians Can Help

At Alabama Pain Physicians, our goal is to better the quality of life of our patients. We take your pain seriously and strive to establish an accurate diagnosis along with a treatment plan to ultimately minimize your pain. To determine the exact cause of your pain, our physicians will perform a physical exam and use your complete medical history to help find the best treatment options suited for you. In addition to the physical exam and history, you may also need imaging studies and tests to help the physician determine the cause of your pain. Contact Alabama Pain Physicians today and let us help get you on the right track to managing your pain.


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